Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Meeting - Through Carmilla's eyes

The Meeting
Through Carmilla’s eyes

I could hardly contain myself, I had been waiting for so long to become one with this child and feed. Her lying there in the dead of night, lit by the moonlight, was enough to make my blood boil. I could barely stand it most days, being around her all day and not taking her whenever I please. The General, the old fool, suspects nothing of our friendship or our hidden love. I will make her mine forever, and tonight is the night.
I left my room as a woman, but soon after I moved from my chamber my primal instincts started to take over. It first took over my mind. I lost all ability to think as they do, and there in that hallway I could only focus on one thing, feeding. After my mind went I Hunched over and became what my inner conscious was, a large blood hungry monster. I was hulking but my steps where quick and soundless. Since I was no longer my human form I saw no reason to use their means of entering. I passed seamlessly through her door without a sound.
There she lay, quiet and as beautiful as ever. Her face lit by the sliver of moonlight from her small window. It seemed almost too perfect that these girls are here for the taking. The longer I waited the harder it became to watch her without acting. It was time, now on this perfect night I was going to have her and we would be one forever. Just as I leaned in I caught a whiff of her, she smelled of lilies. I bit her as softly as I could, I knew it would end her but I didn’t care, I needed to be satisfied.

Just as soon as I had finished I heard someone burst from her dressing room. Why it was the old General! Somehow he knew my true intentions with his niece. He was not a problem, the deed had been done and I was far too quick for him. I shifted over to the foot of the bed and he stood there for a moment, dumbstruck, by movements. At this point he charged me and swiftly swung his sword in my direction only to hit nothing but my shadow. I was coming out of my hunger and I stood up near the door to her room. It was too late for the old man and his niece, so I fled. I was again passed seamlessly through the door and out of the house. I could only imagine that she lived a few more hours, but it needed to be done. Now all there was to do was find my next woman friend.

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