Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Final Blog Post

I was a little nervous coming into this course because it was A.) the first online course I have ever taken and B.) an English course. I have not taken anything but science classes since my freshman year and I did not know how I was going to handle it. The main thing I think I really got out of this class was a new appreciation for the vampire figure. I have never been a big fan of vampires, mostly because of all the fuss about the twilight series and what not, but I now realize that vampires have a much more serious history and people can learn things from them and their (mostly) sad stories. Also many of the vampires of the books we read were very different and showed a great deal of diversity.
Another thing that came along in this course was the blogging, I have never done it before and I’m glad I got to have a constant reason to learn how. It is a very different feeling posting and commenting in an online community rather than a class room; I find it much more stress free since I don’t care for public speaking much. Overall the class structure was just fine, it was enough work to keep you busy and interested yet not enough to slow me down doing my other work.
My final project actually got me excited because I never really get a chance to show my creative side in any of my science classes. I think my Facebook page for Robert Neville is going to showcase his actual living situation very well. His loneliness is presented and interpreted very easily when shown on a “friendship making” program. I am glad to see how it turned out and I think it may make some of the people who look at it laugh. I definitely think the final project made me think more about what is going on in Roberts head, more than the just reading the book. This class was different from anything I have ever done and I can legitimately say I enjoyed myself.

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