Monday, September 20, 2010

Through Heathcliff

Chapter 27 - Through the eyes of Heathcliff
I felt as though I could hear Linton's weeping for miles. I stormed down to see what the ruckus was only to find Linton, Catherine, and Nelly conversing. I interjected, "It is something to see you so near my house, Nelly! How are you at the Grange? Let us hear! The rumor goes that Edgar Linton is on his deathbed: perhaps they exaggerate his illness? Nelly responded with an answer that made me excited. She confirmed that Edgar was indeed on his deathbed and didn't have very long to live. Only one thing came to my mind after hearing this. Linton and Catherine must marry so that I can inherit the Thrushcross Grange and finally get my revenge on that bastard Edgar Linton. I knew Linton needed medical help but I also knew he would be all right for a few more days, at least until the deed was done. I tried to get Linton to stand be he claimed he was too weak. I wouldn't stand for that so I helped him up. Nelly was most unhelpful when I requested she take him in and tend to him. I tried to bring him in myself but he would not let go of his cousin. She finally got him to go inside at last. I nearly had to push Nelly in the house but eventually I got all three parties in my home and locked the door. I needed to make these two get married and I was running out of time, this seemed to be the only way I could make it happen. Catherine was the first to become upset. She yelled at me saying, " give me that key: I will have it! I wouldn't eat or drink here, if I were starving." I was taken aback by her sudden boldness, and how much it reminded me of her mother. She struggled for a bit, and finally managed to bite me, hard. This angered me enough to provide violence to her being. Nelly at this point protested but I silenced her as well.
After a while the two women realized they were not getting out of my home until the deed was done. I returned to them after a short while only to find Linton snivelling again. I told the women that once in their rooms I would not disturb them and that they had nothing to fear. I approached Catherine later that night and she told me she would marry Linton because she loved him, but she needed to go home and tend to her father who was dying. This I took great pleasure in; the sight of Edger dying with no knowledge of his daughter's location was a good sight indeed. After some strong words Cathy started to try and flatter me. I rejected with disgust. I sent them to their rooms around nine o'clock and did not speak with either until morning. Around seven I went and retrieved miss Catherine and sent Nelly up a large breakfast.

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