Monday, November 22, 2010

Final Project

I would like to follow one of my favorite characters for our final project, the legend himself, Robert Neville. I was thinking about making a facebook page for him, complete with daily updates, biography, photos, opinions, and interests. I think I could make some pretty funny material for him considering the last thing he would ever need is facebook. My only question would be should I do it on the novel Neville or the Will Smith edition of Neville. The only reason I ask is because I did my online artifact on the movie and how much Richard Matheson hates the movie adaptations. So most likely I will do the novel Robert but I just want to know which Robert Neville you would rather see. Also I would then do paper explaining my project.


  1. I personally think that it would be better to focus on Robert Neville as a novel stand point. I too was really interested in this character. I think that he is very humorus but he also is very organized. I mean a man who is alone in the world has to be like that, right? I think it will be really cool to see your facebook page and what the interests and biography you use. Im sure I will become a fan!!

  2. I agree i think it should be from the novel. I could see a really great project coming from that version of the character.

  3. We've already discussed some aspects of the project online, but I just want to impress upon you how important it is to truly utilize all the resources and utilities facebook has to offer--notes, pictures, status updates, groups, etc. For ideas, check out this site:

    It's the entire novel of PRIDE AND PREJUDICE through facebook statuses. It might give you some ideas as to what to include in your final product.