Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Interview with a vampire part 1

In many novels the story that is being told can change depending on the perspective from which it is being told. In Interview With A Vampire a man named Louis, who was made into a vampire, is telling the story. Most stories of vampires seem to try and portray the vampire character as the bad or evil one. This is more or less accomplished by telling the story through human eyes and how they see or hear the vampire character performing acts that do not correspond with what is socially acceptable. With the story being told by a human then you feel sympathetic towards them and hatred towards the vampire. This is what happens when the roles are reversed as well, at least I believe it does in this instance, it all depends on the point of view. Louis tells his story compassionately, leaving the reader to feel connected to him and his tale even though he is a vampire and feeds on our kind. Louis does have human emotions, which is one of the reasons it is hard to dislike him, even though he is a vampire and needs to feed on our own flesh and blood to stay alive.
“You do dream! " said the boy.
Often, " said the vampire. " I wish sometimes that I did not. For such dreams, such long and clear dreams I never had as a mortal; and such twisted nightmares I never had either. In my early days, these dreams so absorbed me that often it seemed I fought waking as long as I could and lay sometimes for hours ' g of these dreams until the night was half gone; and dazed by them I often wandered about seeking to understand their meaning. They were in many ways as elusive as the dreams of mortals. I dreamed of my brother, for instance, that he was near me in some state between life and death, calling to me for help. And often I dreamed of Babette; and often-almost always-there was a great wasteland backdrop to my dreams, that wasteland of night rd seen when cursed by Babette as I've told you. It was as if all figures walked and talked on the desolate home of my damned soul.”(59)
It seems that Louis is haunted by the things he has done in his life and is unhappy about being a vampire. This is the first time we have seen the vampire character express unhappiness with the life he lives, disagreeing with the practice of feeding on humans, and showing remorse for the lives he takes. I think this is a different style of vampire book but one that should be analyzed more carefully, and possibly realize that maybe not all vampires are evil. Well perhaps they are but it’s only in their nature and maybe they don’t agree with their nature it is just what has to be done to stay alive.

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