Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Let the right one in

Before I started reading this novel I had no idea what it was about. When I did start to read it didn’t seem very strange at all until I found out that the man that one of the main characters was living with was a pedophile. This is a dark and controversial topic to bring into a novel, much less a vampire novel which expresses sex frequently. I was a bit unnerved when I found out Hakan was a pedophile because the idea of pedophilia just plain makes me sick. I was not sure whether or not I wanted to keep reading for fear of what might happen in the story, never the less I continued. I got even more weird for me when the author explained that Eli was now a girl but was once a boy that was castrated many years ago. The relationship between Eli and Hakan is a strange one. He basically is a former teacher turned bum from the results of his sexual habits. He lives with Eli and works for her, getting her blood that she needs to live. He is a pathetic older man who only desires to be with Eli sexually and will do nearly anything to accomplish this, though besides his sexual desires he also receives money for acquiring blood. Eli needs him to get fresh blood because it is hard to come by when you are trapped in a little girls body and cannot walk around in the daylight.
Eli and Oskar’s relationship is, for lack of better wording, more healthy then that of creepy Hakan. Its kind of strange how in this book both Eli and Oskar are victims of very different but equally (for them) devastating problems. Eli is forever imprisoned in a little girls body and constantly needs fresh blood to survive. Oskar on the other hand is being bullied and tormented by some kids at school for being skinny and smarter than they. Even though Eli’s problem seems to be greater, being physically and emotionally abused can be very devastating to a younger boy. I think the fact that they both are sad and locked in this crappy life is the reason they lock onto each other and become so close. Their friendship solidifies and Oskar fights back against his tormentors. They retaliate but Eli comes to Oskars rescue and they flee their home with the belongings and most importantly themselves and their friendship. They survived together because they built a relationship on their mutual life problems and help one another when they need it.

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  1. I disagree with your comment that Hakan's only desire is to have sex with Eli. I think it's more than that. He is in love with her and he wants desperately for her to love him back. While it may appear disgusting because Eli looks like a child, she is actually an adult which is why Hakan doesn't feel guilty about loving her.